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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Difference between Debit card and Credit card

Debit Card

Debit card (also named as bank card or check card) is a system where using the card provided by the bank where you have an account, lets you withdraw money from your account using the card in any ATM booth of the bank. Let it be clear that you can't withdraw more money than you have in your account. 

A template view of a Debit Card
Let's have an example, you have $5000 in your bank account. Then, you will be allowed to withdraw maximum $5000 from the bank's ATM booth which is equivalent to the amount of money you have in your account.

However, you can use your debit card to pay different types of bills like restaurant or shopping bill. But here too, the bank will allow you to pay no more than the amount of money you got in your account.  

But if the account holder goes through an agreement with the bank, then, the bank might let the account holder exceed the amount of money he got in his account to perform an emergency payment but the amount which the bank allowed the user as debt is not a large amount so that it can be incurred later. However, in many banks, there might be a restriction to spend a limited amount of money at a time meaning the amount of money withdrawn or spent cannot be excessively large.

Credit Card

A credit card is another card system where the issuer (usually a bank, sometimes a financial company) lends the cardholder money to make necessary purchases with the card and pay for it later. Usually the balance is required to be fulfilled each month. 

As the credit cards are mostly issued by banks or different credit unions like Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, they bear the respective logo of these companies. 

A view of Credit Cards by Visa and MasterCard
Though, the cardholder is allowed to have a continuous debt, he must deposit a handsome amount of money in his account of the issuer (bank or financial company) as a statement to repay the debt within the allowed duration. The cardholder is not allowed to use unlimited amount of money, it actually depends on how much money he is depositing as a statement. Be assured, there is a higher interest rate than most other card systems for holding a credit card and there is a monthly or yearly fee too.